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Mandy Thoennes, PMHNP

Mandy Thoennes, PMNHP

Mandy Thoennes hails from Danville, Illinois. She successfully completed her nursing education at Lakeview College of Nursing, and later, she obtained her MSN degree from Walden University. Currently, she is actively practicing as a PMHNP, utilizing her skills and knowledge in the field. Throughout her nursing career, Mandy explored various paths, including dialysis and home health, before eventually finding her place in Neuroscience. For a span of 6 years, she worked closely with dementia behavioral specialists, which ignited her passion for working with dementia patients and where she feels she found her true calling. When she is not occupied with work, she cherishes spending quality time with her loved ones, particularly her niece and special needs nephew. Additionally, she is a proud owner of four cats, who also hold a special place in her heart.

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